Our Clients & Success Stories

We have many satisfied clients in diversified industries ranging from small enterprises to the Fortune 500. We strive to achieve the highest value by precisely identifying customer requirements and expectations and delivering personalized solutions. We have built long-term relationships and strategic partnerships with an unwavering focus on our clients’ needs.

We empower our clients to be more efficient and more profitable with our proven ability to rapidly identify where our clients can capitalize on the opportunities that drive stronger bottom-line performance. This transformation enables them to drive a better, more customized experience for their customers.


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Staidlogic. Your integrity and desire to create a true partnership is truly appreciated and I look forward to working together for years to come. Your organization has consistently exceeded expectations

—J K, Director of Information Technology

If you’re looking to establish a true partner for your company then  I can strongly recommend StaidLogic  as your best available bet.

—RM, Vice president of External Resources

I’m really impressed in how efficient the service is and how much we’ve benefited in our critical analysis and design sessions with you. StaidLogic’s business and technical insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email. That makes all the difference

—L W, Architecture lead

Major Success Stories

Fortune 100 Healthcare Client – Designed and Developed a Customer Service application to reduce member and provider call processing times and to improve user efficiency. This application serves as a one stop shop for members and providers with inquiries, ID cards, material requests, eligibility, updates, enrollment, claims and billing.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Client – Enhanced the member experience with regard to the Appeals and Grievances process. Re-Architected and Upgraded to the latest Pega version 7.x to improve performance and usability as well as to address existing shortcomings in the application.

Fortune 50 Healthcare Client – Developed an end to end Pharmacy Home System to support, map and monitor a beneficiary to a particular pharmacy.

Fortune 100 Healthcare Client – Designed and developed a Case Management Solution to handle unique Appeals and Complaints process flows of different Lines Of Businesses. This eliminated the manual effort required to comply with Federal SLAs and ultimately avoid fines and penalties.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Client – Enabled Cloud and Real time data integration for improved HealthCare service offerings and data usage points.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Client – Redesigned the Group Sales Management system by automating the new group enrollment, renewal, group contract changes, quote management and underwriting processes.

Fortune 500 Healthcare Client – Enhanced the Omni channel customer service experience for current users and added new users as part of M & A. Integrated with new enterprise systems and upgraded to the latest Pega Customer Service Framework from their legacy Customer Process Framework.

Designed and implemented a new account opening process in Bank centers and Contact Centers to introduce a more systematic new account opening process that develops new account experiences into satisfied, profitable, and loyal relationships.

Created an end to end Case Management platform to be utilized by all groups impacted by the sanctions screening process including compliance and legal teams. Eliminated potential gaps in auditing with regard to an operator dispositioning each individual.

Designed and Developed one of the biggest user base based end-to-end Mortgage system to accommodate CFPB compliance. This new system seamlessly integrated with file management and reporting systems.

Created an end-to-end Dispute Management system for both Issuer and Acquirer bank disputes. Enhanced Smart Dispute solution for DISCOVER and AMEX apart from existing Mastercard and VISA functionality.

Redesigned wires and investigation system to adhere with CFPB and Dodd Frank compliance.

Replaced a legacy contact center application with a next generation CRM/BPM based Client Service system. This end-to-end Workflow solution is integrated with core systems and processes allowing faster resolution and tracking for client’s queries.

Replaced the manual Excel based Offer Management process with a customized credit card offer system to provide offers to various front-end channels like Online Banking, ATM, Branch and Direct Mail Offers. This new system eliminated the manual Offer Management process with a more robust centralized platform.

Digitized and automated account servicing system by eliminating centralized manual daily paper scanning of hundreds of thousands of documents by integrating with file management system.

Redesigned a CRM application to assign and manage inventory to ensure appropriate loan servicing. This improved SLAs and reduced risk and liability of a major financial client.

Enhanced the Member Management Replacement System (MMRS) to accept automatic electronic applications from the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) and State Thrive agencies to render an accurate eligibility decision for the ingested applications, and to send the eligibility information back to FFM and the agencies.

Successful implementation of a legacy system modernization program. Business processes and Business rules were automated for easier maintenance through simple, user friendly Interfaces.

Developed a new extendable social services system to screen constituents for eligible benefit programs and to issue benefits for citizens. Seamlessly integrated business processes between the new system and the legacy systems.

Developed an end-end system for unemployment compensation taxes for contributions or voluntary funds by offering employers and their representatives the option of filing their tax returns and to manage their tax accounts online.

Developed an integrated system to manage large inventories of inspection, accident, infrastructure, complaints, formal proceedings, and historical data with a more permanent, accessible, integrated, and reliable system.

Evaluated the current processes and operations of an Income Tax system to understand the complete lifecycle of the TAX application and in turn develop a reusable and extendable system.

Supported and guided a Technology CoE (Center of excellence) to provide central Frameworks and layers for multiple High-tech clients. Built very successful and stable reusable models that exceed requirements and provide a footprint for future initiatives.

Developed an Asset Recovery system for a major manufacturing client to automate critical processes in their Supply chain division. This system enabled the Business to maintain Business rules without requiring IT intervention and reduced turn around time drastically to modify rules and migrate to Production.

Designed and Maintained various Omni-channel eCommerce solutions for multiple clients that boosted the customer experience and allowed for constant customer contact through multiple integrated channels.

Developed a new “Rate Capping” system to mitigate renewal premium increases and decreases caused by rate revisions and program changes. This system also enabled the ability to respond to State demands for rate capping being in place.

Developed a High Frequency Insurance Claim system derived from the base system to automate back-office business processes. Business processes that were successfully automated include: Claim Entry, Document Request and Reception, Claim Analysis and Payment Generation.

Developed a P&C program comprised of Predictive Modeling, Rating Administration and Actuarial workbench. Strategically supported architectural direction, determined impacts to tooling, programming model changes, application development and frameworks.