With solid understanding and expertise on the entire development life cycle, Our Services are specifically designed to improve the productivity of your organization.

  • End-to-End Project delivery – On-time project delivery utilizing best practices
  • Production Support and Maintenance – Continuous support with multi-level SLAs
  • CoE (Center Of Excellence) – Either Support CoE or Build, Operate and Transition Client CoE
  • Triage – Turn troubled projects into successful and reference-able ones
  • Upgrades – Bringing years of expertise
  • Package Implementation – Bundled, easy budget, low risk, high reward TCO program
  • Expert Services – Highly talented professionals. Quick proven talent Accessibility for one or more areas listed below

Our Approach

Our key Service delivery approach stages are

Business metric selection

This stage refers to the ability of vendors and customers to identify business metrics based on process needs and output.


This stage involves measuring the process’s performance as against others and constantly reaching out to higher levels of performance by increasing the benchmarked expectations.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) selection:

This stage refers to identifying the key process areas and quantifying improvement through process improvement metrics and goals.

Investment evaluation

In this stage, we review each of the cost centers and profit centers and assuring of the KPI goals by determining their respective performances.

Business benefit contracting

This is a stage of including all of the above results in a contract.

Financial engineering

This stage is about performance evaluation by evening costs and benefits over the life of the contract.

Business benefit-based services delivery

This is the final stage of implementation


We are passionate about customer success. For any customer to succeed a well-defined Requirements management is the key which is the process of documenting, analyzing, tracing, prioritizing and agreeing on requirements and then controlling change and communicating to relevant stakeholders.

There are other reasons why you would choose StaidLogic as We Understand the uniqueness of your business and We Perform thorough requirements study and analysis.


Effective, flexible systems and actionable insight from business data are vital in today’s dynamic and unpredictable market. But how do you build solutions that embrace new regulatory requirements, changing business demands, and a shifting technology landscape when saddled with tightening budgets and aging systems?

StaidLogic helps you address these complex challenges with architecture solutions that optimize your IT investments. Examples of how we help clients today do more with less include:

  • An application portfolio assessment, which typically results in cost savings of 30-50% in operation support, 20-40% in server consolidation, and 10-15% in support by retiring redundant applications
  • A post-M&A integration methodology that minimizes negative customer impact while ensuring business continuity, system scalability, and alignment with long-term business and technology goals
  • A cost-neutral approach to legacy modernization

We believe optimized applications and architecture can only come from working hands on with people, processes, and systems. Our knowledge gained from working onsite with clients inside the guts of their systems means we recognize and understand nuances and subtleties that can’t be seen from afar by typical firms. The result is an unmatched ability to deliver improved, sustained performance; faster, more adaptable solutions; and dramatically reduced costs.
StaidLogic’s feet-on-the-ground architects work with you in real time to understand gaps between your business strategies and the technologies which enable their execution. This high-touch customer interaction, combined with our Optimized Architecture Assessment methodology, helps glean invaluable insights for architecting solutions that mitigate risk and are built to evolve along with your business.
StaidLogic’s deep application knowledge and technology-neutral approach free us to provide multiple architectural options, which are practical yet innovative and tightly align to your business and technology goals. Your result? An optimized architecture solution that is agile, scalable, and makes the most of your finite IT resources.

Design & Development

StaidLogic offers customized, innovative, and affordable Design & Development services. StaidLogic offers custom application development services only after understanding each business’ unique and specific requirements of Applications and functionalities. Our work in technology sphere relates to building, delivering and furthering of enhancement processes of businesses. Our offer of integrated solutions includes add-on modules and web applications which are bolted on to the existing applications.

StaidLogic efforts are to leverage the benefits of our packaged solutions, and extend it to providing revised functionality experience to our clients, facilitating for easy management of all applications that come as one integrated solution.

Custom Software Development Services: Features

  • Ready-to-use industry specific templates
  • Add on modules to meet unique needs
  • Add on modules to meet unique needs
  • Ready to integrate specific applications with enterprise ecosystem
  • Achieve extendibility of Enterprise Applications
  • Facilitate generation of MIS from Legacy Data


  • Lower overheads by proven Offshore Delivery Model
  • Lesser time-to-market delivery
  • Provision for fixed-price quote and production estimation
  • Total quality with value addition
  • Transparency and visibility for feckless software development
  • Facilitate consistent and open communication for better understanding of project requirements and project status
  • Take adequate care of software security needs
  • Maintains optimal software functionality

Quality Assurance

At StaidLogic, Quality is not just priority but it is our pride. We make it possible with our state-of-the-art Quality Assurance Testing Services that is available to our in-house projects and to our clients.

Our Quality Assurance Methodologies and Processes have been proven successful and efficient repeatedly. We custom tailor out QA processes to interlace with your development life cycle.
The key elements of successful Quality Assurance are measurement, estimation, leadership and maintenance of test suites.

  • StaidLogic expertise in using industry popular test management tools like HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality Manager, Compuware QA Director along with open source tools like Test Link, Test Environment Tool Kit, Fitnesse etc.
  • Experts in building a centralized web based test management environment to suite all test management needs including test planning, work flow control, test execution, metrics collation and defect tracking. Provide integration to an open source defect tracking tool.
  • Usage of code coverage tools to measure test coverage which includes identification of key code coverage metrics, analyzing the system, identify gaps and plan for continuous improvement.

Specialized Testing Solutions

  • End-to-end testing of software systems through the use of necessary tools and frameworks.
  • Includes all test phases like unit, integration, system testing along with user acceptance testing.
  • Covers Functional and Non-Functional specifications of Software Systems.
  • StaidLogic has specially designed test strategies to cover the non-functional areas of software testing like compatibility, inter-operability, reliability, installability, conformance, etc

Deployment & Monitoring

We have proven experience in deploying/implementation of applications and maintaining them for our customers. Our customers are happy with our approach which is consolidated by efficient operational processes and backed by our solid experience on various domains. As a part of this service, we do Site maintenance, Product Maintenance, Operations Support and Product Support.
Product maintenance includes analyzing bug reports, prioritizing defects, fixing bugs, testing the fixes and delivering patches and service packs regularly as required.
Product Support filters all change requests and differentiates extensions opportunities, improvement requests and actual bugs. Product support teams bring in customer perspective to the product development teams. They suggest workarounds when a critical feature has a bug. Product support also executes technical launches and performs customer training after major releases.

Performance & Usability

Through Performance & Usability Engineering (PUE) we provide for a systematic and quantitative approach to managing performance & Usability throughout the application development process. The teams of PUE professionals at StaidLogic deal with

  • Performance failures and their consequences
  • Managing performance
  • Performance successes
  • Defining software performance engineering
  • Defining Usability key factors
  • Managing Usability metrics
  • Evolving PUE models and modeling strategies

Performance is an indicator of how well a software system or component meets its requirements for timeliness. StaidLogic duly understands that timeliness can be measured only in terms of response time or throughput. The response time is the time required to respond to a request. It may be the time required for a single transaction, or the end-to-end time for a user task.

Infrastructure & Administration

StaidLogic ’s infrastructure services help you strategize, design and transform your IT infrastructure. Helping move away from measurements in terms of infrastructure availability to being able to deliver information to a business based on expectations and agreed on levels of service.
Our comprehensive approach helps you optimize your IT infrastructure by focusing on key aspects – technology, skills, governance and processes and offers.
Infrastructure Strategy: Assess current infrastructure to develop the right strategy.
Infrastructure Architecture: Design infrastructure architecture through technology relationship maps and service delivery modes. Infrastructure Consolidation / Optimization: Evaluate infrastructure components – technology and solution, for consolidation and optimization.
Service Management: Design infrastructure related services aligning capabilities with requirements including service catalog, service level design, service performance measurement, and the service organization / roles