Decision Management & Business Rules

StaidLogic provides Decision Services using various decision management solutions including PEGA Rules process commander (PRPC), IBM operational decision manager and ServiceNow Decision Table. Decision management solutions enable business professionals to manage and automate repeatable business rules, events and operational decisions that impact business performance. It enable management of business logic outside of applications by reducing reliance of business professionals on IT and empowering them to create and manage business rules.


StaidLogic provides Business Rules Solutions using various Business Rules engines including PEGA Rules process commander (PRPC), IBM operational decision manager/ILOG JRules and ServiceNow. Using an effective Business Rules engine, organizations can formulate and manage Business rules by time, versioning and security (role and access), enabling the maintenance of many rule variations to account for specific situations or exceptions that may affect a process. Rules engine automatically applies the right rule at the right time to dynamically modify the process. With this powerful union of process and rules, you can maximize agility and productivity to accomplish the following:

  • Eliminate manual hand-offs and process bottlenecks.
  • Improve quality and consistency with automated guidance.
  • Improve compliance with processes that automatically account for specific regulations and requirements.
  • Shorten time to market for new applications by avoiding the need to maintain two separate development environments and object models.
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